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Critically Speaking

Jul 1, 2020

In this episode, Therese Markow and Dr. Erica Sonnenburg discuss the diverse and active microbiome that is in the human body. This microbiome in our gut varies from person to person and is largely environmentally based – those foods we eat, and what we choose to consume plays a factor on how healthy our gut biome is. They discuss the changes of the microbiome as infants as well as in adults, and ways that we can change or reset the microbiome, as well as what we each can do every day to keep our microbiomes healthy. 


Key Takeaways:  

  • Typical western diets now are very low in complex carbohydrates and it is affecting the microbiome in the large intestine. 
  • Your environment is a big player in your microbiome – what you eat, lifestyle, medications, etc. 
  • The first year of a baby’s life, their microbiome could make an impact on their immune system.  


"Unlike our human genome, which we have almost no control over, our microbiome is something that we have a lot of control over based on our environment." —  Dr. Erica Sonnenburg 


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Book: The Good Gut: Taking Control of Your Weight, Your Mood, and Your Long-Term Health 


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