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Critically Speaking

Jul 8, 2020

In this episode, Therese Markow and Dr. Leigh Turner discuss direct-to-consumer marketing of unproven and unlicensed cell-based interventions. Dr. Turner’s research addresses ethical, legal, and regulator issues associated with clinics engaged in direct-to-consumer marketing and shares his knowledge with us in this first of a two-part interview. Also discussed in this episode are the questions to ask when thinking about these cell-based treatments and therapies, not only about the administration of the cells, but also regarding the individuals who are advertising and performing these interventions, as well as those processing and marketing the product for use. There are many inadequacies and a lack of safe-research in many of these facilities, even when they appear to be run by a qualified and trusted provider.


 Key Takeaways:

  • Even if someone is a board-certified clinician, that doesn’t mean that what they are offering is evidence based and has been approved for the US marketplace in any way.
  • Advertising claims are not always evidence based, trustworthy, credible, and reliable.
  • Registered with the FDA doesn’t mean that the FDA has gone on site, done a careful inspection, and provided approval. It just means they’ve uploaded a form on the FDA site.


"It’s important to ask challenging questions about individuals who are advertising these interventions and performing these procedures." —  Dr. Leigh Turner


Connect with Dr. Leigh Turner: 

University of Minnesota – Center for Bioethics: Leigh Turner, PhD  


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Twitter: @CritiSpeak




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