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Critically Speaking

Jun 2, 2021

Many people were out of work for a year or more owing to the pandemic.  Now they are looking for work and are concerned about the health risks associated with various employment opportunities. In today’s episode, Therese Markow answers listener questions regarding occupational cancer risks. She discusses the types of occupations that can expose individuals to the cancer causing substances, and what we can do to try and minimize our risks. 


 Key Takeaways:

  • Radiation, chemicals, and viruses can all cause cancer.  
  • Be aware of the potential radiation risks in your work environment and take the precautions that are needed whenever possible. 
  • There are many types of volatile organic compounds or VOCs. But particular careers are associated with higher exposure to carcinogenic VOCs. If one works in one of those sectors, there are precautions to take to reduce risks.  


"We've all been through so much in the last year with the pandemic. Let's be aware of where other risks linger as we go back to the workplace, wherever that may be." —  Therese Markow, Ph.D.


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Twitter: @CritiSpeak




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