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Critically Speaking

Nov 10, 2021

What happens when we remember something?  Therese Markow talks with neuroscientist Dr. Ben Albensi about how memory works, involving both chemical and structural changes.  They talk about the signals in the brain, the connections among different brain regions underlying memory, and the role of sleep in consolidating the memory process.  Dr. Albensi also describes what happens when a person suffers amnesia.


 Key Takeaways:

  • Memory begins in the brain region called the hippocampus, from which chemical signals and neural connections then extend to other regions.
  • These connections are important for memory.
  • Enriched environments result in more connections.
  • Sleep is critical to the memory process.


"We’ve learned from scientific evidence and experiments that sleep is critical to quality of memory and memory consolidation." —  Dr. Ben Albensi


Connect with Dr. Ben Albensi: 

Hôpital St-Boniface Hospital Profile: Dr. Benedict C. Albensi  


Cell Phone: 973-668-0206

LinkedIn: Benedict C. Albensi, PhD, BCMAS, CRQM


Connect with Therese:


Twitter: @CritiSpeak




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