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Critically Speaking

Oct 9, 2019

In this second part of our interview with Dr. Leigh Turner, Therese Markow and Dr. Leigh Turner discuss more information pertaining to the claims made by these clinics and businesses offering direct-to-market stem cell therapy treatments. Much of the data gathered at these locations are often subjective self-assessments and do not use the proper tools for data generation or survey tools to always get meaningful, credible responses. In addition, they discuss the continued growth of this marketplace, despite the increase in regulatory activity that has begun in recent times. Without the proper oversight and regulation, these business will continue to offer direct-to-consumer marketing and it is important to know what questions to ask and how to investigate these clinics to choose those with credible research programs versus just direct-to-consumer claims. 


Key Takeaways:  

  • There is not always data gathering being done by the clinics, and often what is being tracked are subjective self-assessments. 
  • You need IRB approval and clearance from the FDA to initial stem cell studies.  
  • There appears to be a breakdown in oversight at multiple levels, not just at one level. 


"The problem is not with the research programs, the problem is with the direct-to-consumer advertising claims where the homework hasn’t been done, the careful research hasn’t been done." —  Guest quote 


Connect with Dr. Leigh Turner:  

University of Minnesota – Center for Bioethics: Leigh Turner, PhD    


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