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Critically Speaking

Nov 27, 2019

Glenn Morrison is a professor in Environmental Science and Engineering with a primary interest in chemical and transport phenomena in building environments. These phenomena help us understand, but also control, human exposure to chemicals and particles that are released or transformed indoors. Dr. Morrison has directed research projects and field studies of dermal uptake of indoor pollutants, ozone surface chemistry, building forensics, sensor development, pollutant movement in buildings, aerosol transport of SVOCs, exposure implications of smog reactions with human surfaces and hair and related projects. 


In this episode, Therese Markow and Dr. Glenn Morrison discuss the change in how society has viewed and handled indoor air pollutants and how that view continues to change as technologies change. They go into more detail about what we know about air pollutants, their sources, and their abilities to damage human health. In addition, Therese and Dr. Morrison continue on to talk about steps, both easy and difficult, that you can do to avoid pollutants in your home and ways to make your life safer and healthier from air pollutants. 


Key Takeaways:  

  • There are thousands of pollutants present in buildings, most are specific chemicals from building materials. 
  • Buildings breathe – even if your house seems “closed up” there is still minor airflow from tiny cracks and window edges. You are always breathing outdoor air, even if it has been inside for several hours. 
  • Keeping buildings dry is really important for good air quality. 


"Never burn anything in your home. Anything that produces these fine particles from combustion is potentially a problem and you’re just adding to the amount of pollution you’re breathing in." —  Dr. Glenn Morrison 


Connect with Dr. Glenn Morrison:    

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