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Critically Speaking

Feb 26, 2020

Bedbug infestations have reached epidemic proportions.  They are found in homes and hotels everywhere in the world and come out at night to feed on the blood of the sleeping person.  Their bites produce inflamed, irritating welts, sometimes days after their bite. Because they are small and hard to find since they hide crevices, and because they are resistant to many insecticides, eliminating them has been challenging.  Dr. Edward Vargo, Professor of the Texas A&M University Division of Urban and Structural Entomology, is a bedbug expert who discusses the history of the bedbug human association, the reasons why they are difficult to eliminate, and the best practices to avoid unknowingly bringing them into your home.


 Key Takeaways:

  • Bedbugs are everywhere, having undergone global population explosions in the last three decades
  • They can hitchhike in your luggage, so it’s best to unpack your suitcases anyplace but on your bed
  • They can be found in used furniture, especially things you find put out on the street, making it critical to carefully examine any used furniture before you acquire it. 
  • Bedbugs can move between apartments in the same building.



"In almost every case, all the bedbugs in a building can be traced back to a single female, or very small group of females." —  Dr. Ed Vargo


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Texas A&M University: Urban and Structural Entomology Program at Texas A&M University

Bed Bug Biology and Management: Bed Bugs

BedBug Registry: The Bedbug Registry


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