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Critically Speaking

Jun 3, 2020

In this episode, Therese Markow and Paul Greenwood discuss a key problem that is happening more often in our rapidly aging society - elder abuse. Elder abuse can be hard to define and to prosecute as it’s definition differs not only from country to country, but also from state to state. There are many different ways in which elder abuse can occur, one of the most common ways is through financial abuse, both by people who know and are close to the elder and those who wish to take advantage via information gathered and incorporated on the “sucker list” where many scammers acquire their information. While much remains to do to further increase the protections for those at risk, Therese and Paul discuss ways in which we, as relatives and as a community, can step in to help protect elders from financial abuse of all kinds. 


 Key Takeaways:

  • Many of the elders who have a crime perpetrated against them are not reported due to embarrassment and fears of their freedoms being removed without their consent.
  • Ask questions! If something is fishy, ask questions to show that you care. 
  • Having power of attorney does not give anyone the right to steal.


"Keep in touch with your elderly relatives. Don’t let them be a stranger to you because bad things can happen to them if you are not fully involved." —  Paul Greenwood



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