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Critically Speaking

Sep 2, 2020

Today’s episode revolves around the development and use of facial recognition systems.  How do they work?  Who uses them?  Kade Crockford of the Massachusetts American Civil Liberties Union’s Technology for Liberty Program discusses a wide range of commercial and law enforcement uses of the technology and the potential for violation of First and Fourth Amendment rights.  Because the technology and its uses are unregulated, and because the National Institute of Standards and Technology have found serious biases in the way they function, the public needs to be aware of these systems and how they are used.



 Key Takeaways:

  • There are numerous companies creating and selling facial recognition systems to both commercial and law enforcement entities
  • All of the systems have biases and unfortunately, the misidentification is greatest for people of color.
  • There is no federal, state, or municipal regulation of these systems and their use.
  • Several cities have recently made it illegal for them to be used in law enforcement.



"The effect is to deny people, en masse, their due process rights.  Not only that individual defendants don't get their fair day in court and may be wrongfully convicted, but also that the society at large can't benefit from the really important constitutional litigation that would result if defendants were notified properly of the use of this technology in their criminal cases." —  Kade Crockford

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