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Critically Speaking

Oct 30, 2019

In this episode, Therese Markow and Paul Shapiro discuss cellular agriculture and the prospect of growing meat in the laboratory. They examine what is meant by "clean meat", who is investing in this technology, and the future of the meat industry in general. As individuals around the world rise to middle income status, there is also a rise in meat consumption.  Animal agriculture produces considerable levels of greenhouse gases which subsequently affect the planet. Paul Shapiro suggests that it's easier to change a product than to change people and that the demand for meat could be met in an alternative way. With the new technologies being developed in regard to cellular and acellular agriculture, plant-based and animal-based proteins can be mixed, with the potential to reduce livestock production and the release of methane gas into the atmosphere. 


 Key Takeaways:

  • Meat substitutes have been around for a long time – a recipe was found for a lamb-substitute dish in around 950 CE in ancient China.
  • Some plants, like soy, do have all nine essential amino acids. Others, like rice and beans, when combined, also are complete together.
  • Will a time come when we think of laboratory grown meat as naturally preferable to the way we used to do it – just like the change from ice harvesting to ice made in your freezer?


"I believe that blending meat is the fastest way to actually improve the sustainability of the protein that most people are eating, in the same way that improving dual efficiency of cars is a faster way than trying to persuade people to switch to more expensive, all electric cars." —  Paul Shapiro


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